Does PES Erase Pro work and is it worth buying?

By | December 8, 2014

What is PES Erase Pro and who makes it?

PES erase pro bottlePES Erase Pro is an ‘all in one’ test-boosting supplement that claims to make you the absolute perfect version of yourself and give you, what it describes as, the ‘cut, dry chiselled’ look.

The manufacturers, PES (Physique Enhancing Science), claim that the brand is one of the most popular of its kind and used by everyone who’s anyone in the bodybuilding world; whether that be to rip down before a show, or simply use as part of your staple routine.

PES  is a popular supplement provider for gym enthusiasts and athletes alike. Its website is professional looking enough, however it offers limited information on its supplements and exactly how they work.

That being said, there are no marketing gimmicks, money back guarantees, or risky autoship programmes so it seems fair to say that they are reputable enough and pretty safe to purchase from.

How does PES Erase Pro claim to work?

This is the tricky part, there is very little on the website about how Erase Pro claims to work, other than it is a ‘standalone product’ (by that we assume they mean it can be used without additional supplements) and it has numerous scientifically tested ingredients.

What are the Ingredients and are they effective?

PES erase pro ingredientsErase Pro does at least list a few of its ingredients, unfortunately it details them as a proprietary blend, which means we have no idea how much of anything goes into its pills, but we can at least look into what they have listed;

  • Boerhaavia Diffusa (Root) Extract

Firstly, Boerhaavia Diffusa (Root) Extract is a flowering plant native to India and the Southern United States. It has been used in traditional medicine for some time and is known to be pretty effective as a source of antioxidants.

Unfortunately, there is very little evidence that it has any effect on raising levels of testosterone. The only single piece of information regarding this that we could find could not even be substantiated as fact, but the theory seems to be that Boerhaavia Diffusa (Root) Extract inhibits the body’s production of estrogen.

The idea being that, since testosterone is converted to estrogen within the body, this prevention of conversion results in the body producing more testosterone to counteract. This is hearsay at present, and as far as we are aware, no other reputable testosterone booting brand uses this particular ingredient in their formula.

  • Uncaria Tomentosa

Uncaria Tomentosa (Bark) Extract, known otherwise as ‘Cat’s claw’, due to its hook-like spines, is another plant indigenous to South and Central America. It is in the process of being tested medicinally, but studies as yet inconclusive and experts agree that more evidence is needed to support its use.

As a testosterone booster, we found absolutely no evidence or information to support its use, other than that of the PES Erase Pro site. With that in mind, we have no idea how or if this particular ingredient has any effect on testosterone whatsoever. It certainly isn’t included in other popular brands.

Reported Side effects

With so little information on its ingredients, we have very little to go on with regards to side effects. Giving that both are natural, herbal supplements, there is no reason to believe there would be any adverse effects, but since clinical trials are still in progress, we can’t say one way or the other for certain.

information-iconDosage – A 30 day cycle of Erase Pro contains 30 capsules, so one a day (we assume in the morning) is as complicated as it gets.

Price and availability

You can buy Erase Pro directly through the PES website, for the not exactly reasonable price of $69.99.

Customer feedback

There are certain sites on the internet that have given this brand a raving review, some five out of five stars for various reasons, although it’s difficult to know if these have been cherry picked, or indeed faked. The best source of customer feedback is open forum reviews, such as Amazon.

Amazon customer reviews

The Amazon reviews are not nearly as complimentary, in fact, the bag is pretty mixed. The brand itself has an overall three out of five stars, and the reviews range sporadically from ‘Great’ to ‘Terrible’.

erase-proIs it worth buying?

The most obvious conclusion here is that PES Erase Pro is not going to be our top recommendation, especially at such a high price.

There are many other brands on the market that have scientific research backing their claims, and offer a more effective formulation with proven ingredients.

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