Test X180 – The claims, ingredients and side effects

By | December 16, 2014

What is Force Factor Test X180?

Force Factor Test x180 bottleTest X180 is one such brand that is brought to the stage by well-known supplement provider, GNC Live Well. It claims to be an all natural testosterone booster that uses clinically tested and proven ingredients to boost testosterone, and thus enhance performance both in the gym and in the bedroom.

It contains a proprietary blend of not uncommon ingredients, but this can be both good and bad. On the one hand, well known, well researched ingredients are always a good sign, on the other, a proprietary blend of something we have probably seen before may not be all that remarkable.

Does Test X180 work and what are the ingredients?

Test X180 is a little misleading, it actually contains two proprietary blends, one that is cleverly disguised as a Testofen, but is actually the well known, and often included ingredient; Fenugreek Extract. It’s not entirely clear what separates Testofen from simple Fenugreek Extract, so we can only go on what we know already about this particular substance.

Test x180 ingredients listFenugreek

Fenugreek has been tested in clinical trials and has proven itself a worthy testosterone booster. It has become fairly popular in the bodybuilding world and is therefore included in almost every natural testosterone booster on the market.

There is some controversy regarding exactly how it boosts testosterone however, and some weight-training guru’s even refuse to use it since it is believed to work by preventing testosterone levels from converting into DHT.

This ensures serum testosterone levels remain high, but some experts believe that DHT is as much as three times stronger than Testosterone alone and taking Fenugreek can have a damaging effect on your DHT levels.

Of its other ingredients, namely, Ginseng, Cordyceps, and Tribulus Terrestris, while we stand by the evidence that all of these ingredients can help boost testosterone, Test X180’s proprietary blend doesn’t give us any real information regarding quantities included in the formula.

Reported Side effects

All of the ingredients in Test X180 are natural and shouldn’t cause any side effects. All of its ingredients have been used before in numerous other products and no serious side effects have ever been reported.

information-iconDosage…Dosage for Test X180 is more straightforward than most; take one capsule with breakfast, and one 30 minutes before a workout (or 30 minutes before lunch on non-workout days).

Price and availability – where to buy?

Test X180 is available to buy through the GNC website, currently for $42.99, however its typical price of $69.99 is a little higher than most. Members of the website get a discount on all purchases, which brings the price down to a far more competitive $41.99, but compared to others on the market, this is still up there with some of the most expensive.

What about customer Test x180 reviews?

The GNC website does allow people to post unbiased reviews. This is a good thing, however, the Force Factor Test X180 reviews are pretty mixed. While a good proportion of the people reviewing experienced positive effects from taking Test X180 regularly, a large number experienced no effects at all, and the overall rating for the product is a pretty mediocre three out of four stars.

Customer reviews

So is it worth it?

Our Rating: 4/10

Test x180 bottleWhile Test X180 looks reasonable on paper, it still has some way to go with regards to formula and effectiveness. Proprietary blends never bode well for the disconcerting supplement taker and most of us like to know exactly what we’re taking before we part with our money.

When compared to other test boosters on the market, unfortunately Test X180 doesn’t stack up, in our book. There are plenty of others that contain better quality ingredients,that have been specifically selected and researched, with detailed information about how much of each is in each formula.

Many of these have not only clinical trials to back up their claims, but solid customer reviews that are positive across the board. Add to that, that Test X180 isn’t one of the cheapest on the market and you are actually paying more for a bit less.

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