Is Cellucor P6 Extreme an effective testosterone booster?

By | February 18, 2015

What is P6 Extreme?

Cellucor P6 ExtremeP6 Extreme is an all natural Testosterone Booster that is manufactured and supplied by the popular online supplements store, Cellucor.

Cellucor shot to fame with their impressive and well respected Pre-Workout, C4 Extreme. The company, which is based in Texas, offers a range of supplements to the body building industry, and has a long standing and highly successful reputation.

P6 Extreme is one of its most popular T-Boosters and boasts its main (and somewhat unusual) ingredient as Ovine Placenta Powder (Sheep placenta); not for the squeamish, but then again, P6 Extreme isn’t marketed at those with faint-of-heart disposition.

How does P6 Extreme claim to work?

P6 Extreme claims to eliminate the need to buy three separate products in order to boost testosterone naturally, offering an all-bases-covered formula that hits your testosterone levels from all angles, so they say.

These three individual claims are that P6 Extreme boosts the body’s natural testosterone production, inhibits the production of estrogen, and minimises DHT conversion, a much debated issue among body builders.

Some experts are stating that reducing the conversion of DHT within the body actually has a negative impact on building mass and some quite nasty side effects (breast tissue growth for one).

That aside, P6 Extreme’s main goal is to boost testosterone to such levels as to improve muscle growth, strength, libido, and energy.

What are the Ingredients of P6 Extreme and are they effective?

As we mentioned earlier, P6 Extreme’s main ingredient is Ovine Placenta Powder. Let’s try not to think too much about that this ingredient actually is, and focus on whether or not it actually works.

Ovine Placenta Powder

Ovine Placenta Powder is considered a natural HCG agonist, and increases the release of LH (luteinizing hormone), thus boosting Serum Testosterone levels.

It’s no great surprise that any organ that is responsible for creating and supplementing life in its initial stages is going to be cram-packed full of nutrients and goodness, and Ovine Placenta Powder is also said to promote healthy cell growth and boost the immune system. It is also included in many cosmetics as it is thought to increase the body’s production of collagen.

Studies into the actual effectiveness of Ovine Placenta are limited, many experts believe that by the time the product has been cleaned, sterilized, freeze dried, and processed, the all important cells that are responsible for all the aforementioned properties are long dead and, in fact, useless.

cellucor P6 extreme ingredientsAlongside the P6 Extreme blend is a combination of:

  • Black Cohosh Root
  • Beta-Sitosterol
  • Wild Yam Root
  • Agaricus Bisporus
  • Stinging Nettle Root
  • Bayberry Bark
  • Salvia Sclarea

The amount of each ingredient used within the blend is unknown. A few of these, such as Black Cohosh, Beta Sitosterol, Stinging Nettle, and Wild Yam, can be found in many other T-Boosters and supplements.

They all work on the body by either inhibiting, or increasing the body’s conversion and production of certain hormones; for example LH and DHT. There are a few contradicting items on the P6 Blend, however.

While Ovine Placenta Powder increases the release of LH in order to boost serum testosterone levels, Black Cohosh is known to inhibit this hormone in order to prevent an increase of estrogen. Exactly how these ingredients know precisely which hormones to inhibit when, and for what causes, is a bit of a mystery.

Tribulus Alatus

P6 Extreme does contain one very well known and effective T-Booster ingredient, in the form of Tribulus Alatus.

Tribulus Alatus, a direct relative of the extremely well researched Tribulus Terrestris, works in much the same way as its T-Boosting brother. By containing Steroidal Saponins that boost testosterone and release otherwise redundant testosterone supplies from SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) Tribulus Alatus is a potent provider of elevated testosterone levels –

P6 Extreme Side effects

T-Boosters all carry a small risk of side effects, since altering the levels of natural hormones within our bodies has an impact on our overall system.

Testosterone increase commonly causes out breaks of acne, sometimes a minor increase in the frequency of headaches, and if not used alongside a suitable training regime, in order to build good quality muscle tissue, it can also on occasion lead to Myalgia (abnormal muscle tissue growth).

In people whose testosterone levels are naturally higher, or those that are prone to aggression, it can increase this disposition somewhat, and has been linked to depression and mood swings.

Dosage: The dosage of P6 Extreme is pretty straight forward; simply take two capsules in the morning (with or without food) and two again before bed. The company recommend a cycle of eight weeks with a break of four to allow your body to recover its normal levels temporarily and prevent the risk of Kidney Damage that can happen as a result of long term use of supplements.

Price and availability

P6 Extreme does not come cheap. A one month supply will set you back $119.99. Seems a little excessive when there are others on the market that have a better ingredient profile.

Customer feedback and where to buy P6 Extreme

Customer feedback for P6 Extreme is generally positive, however, be cautious when purchasing from online suppliers other than the Cellucor official site, there appear to be numerous companies offering a ‘fake’ imitation version of this product, which means ingredients really can’t be verified.

Scores for P6 Extreme from customers range from Average to Good, putting it slightly above mediocre in the overall charts.

Is P6 Extreme worth buying?

While P6 Extreme seems to be a fairly decent product, from a very reputable company, we can’t help feeling we’re paying an awful lot for not a great deal. There are other products on the market that have fantastic customer feedback, contain long proven ingredients and are much cheaper that this particular brand, head over to our homepage to see our recommended supplements

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