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Testogen – How does it work, who makes it and should you buy it?

Testogen is a natural supplement containing a blend of eight well known and well researched ingredients which promise to boost hormone levels naturally and promote the increase of free testosterone in the body. Testogen is manufactured and sold by industry giants, Advanced Health Limited who claim to use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Additionally, unlike many… Read More »

Is the Six Star Pro Nutrition Testosterone Booster worth buying?

Six Star Pro Nutrition is a supplement manufacturer (owned by Sportika based in Berlin) that offers various pro-fitness products such as whey protein, meal replacements and amino acid blends. Its Pro Testosterone Booster claims to work on the body in three very distinctive ways: 1. Stimulates ‘free’ testosterone (testosterone already present within the body that… Read More »

Is Cellucor P6 Extreme an effective testosterone booster?

What is P6 Extreme? P6 Extreme is an all natural Testosterone Booster that is manufactured and supplied by the popular online supplements store, Cellucor. Cellucor shot to fame with their impressive and well respected Pre-Workout, C4 Extreme. The company, which is based in Texas, offers a range of supplements to the body building industry, and… Read More »

Is Prime Male this years best Testosterone booster?

Prime Male promises to pack a number of proven testosterone-boosting natural ingredients into a low cost formula, backed with a 90 day money back guarantee. As a new product, customer feedback is still fairly thin on the ground, however we expect this will change in the coming months as this manufacturer already has a history… Read More »

Test X180 – The claims, ingredients and side effects

What is Force Factor Test X180? Test X180 is one such brand that is brought to the stage by well-known supplement provider, GNC Live Well. It claims to be an all natural testosterone booster that uses clinically tested and proven ingredients to boost testosterone, and thus enhance performance both in the gym and in the… Read More »

What are the ingredients of Testofuel and how does it work?

What is Testofuel? Testofuel is a new and extensively researched natural supplement designed to encourage the body’s own production of testosterone and in turn increase muscle mass and strength, reduce fat, revitalise libido and improve mood. How do the Testofuel ingredients work? Firstly, Testofuel bodybuilding supplement does not contain testosterone; it works by boosting the… Read More »

Does PES Erase Pro work and is it worth buying?

What is PES Erase Pro and who makes it? PES Erase Pro is an ‘all in one’ test-boosting supplement that claims to make you the absolute perfect version of yourself and give you, what it describes as, the ‘cut, dry chiselled’ look. The manufacturers, PES (Physique Enhancing Science), claim that the brand is one of… Read More »