About Us

Welcome to TestosteroneBoosterShop.com – a site which focuses on reviewing and rating natural testosterone boosters, as well as providing information on increasing test without using steroids. My name is Jeff Daniels and as a natural body builder for the last 15 years I have always been passionate about training and increasing muscle mass using both hard work and sound nutrition.

As I’ve got older I’ve found through my own experience that muscles are built in the kitchen first, and the gym later. I also know that without the right environment for growth, progress can be painfully slow and low testosterone is nearly always to blame.

In fact many males suffer from low testosterone without realising it, and it can affect your mental state as well as your condition. It can also mean you are more prone to putting on weight and can lead to lethargy and generally feeling under the weather. Having being diagnosed with low testosterone myself around 5 years ago I know the problems it can cause, but I also know it can be corrected easily and safely, without relying on drugs.

tried-and-testedThis site features products that I know work and have tried myself. I know this because I have the evidence from my doctor that the supplements I use have helped my normal test levels return, actually higher than average for someone of my age. Because of this I feel fitter and stronger than I did in my 30’s (I’m now mid forties as of writing), and also have a lot more energy as a result.

I have no hesitation in recommending the supplements featured on the front page of the site, I feel they offer the very best in terms of quality and effectiveness, and all are available cheaply both online and in stores. I have no problem with telling you that some of the products will earn me a small commission if you place an order, however you won’t pay any more for this and it helps pay towards some of the maintenance and running costs involved with the site. These are products that I take myself and would recommend to friends and family in a heartbeat.

I really hope you find the site useful and would love to hear your comments and feedback both positive and negative. You can email me at help@testosteroneboostershop.com or visit my contact page should you have any queries.